Agam Walia more known as THREE D started his DJ Career in 2013. From the beginning he has been majorly involved in pushing the boundaries and creating multiple opportunities for the psychedelic movement work hand in hand with the nightlife industry. He has worked with various music institutions over the years. He has trained also a few students as a DJ instructor who have performed in various music festivals, clubs & bars. Born in the heart of the India country - Delhi, Agam has performed in the best clubs with next to known names in the psy trance industry has to offer so far. His sets always work magic, be it a uplifting progressive dance floor or a peak level trooper situation, his sounds always fit the boat. Borned in the hip-hop generation, his skill set reflects the old school fused with new school techniques. Agam performed in some of the major psychedelic movements all over the country such as Arudra, Parvati Peaking, Dream Bubble, Spirit Gust & Spacetrip festival regularly. In 2019 he joined MAGMA Records Team and start a new step of his carrier... Psytrance is not just a music genre, it's a way of life!


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