The "SINAPTIKA" project was born in 2017 from the collaboration between two young Italian producers of Progressive Psytrance, Dylan Boarolo and Giordano De Iasio. Dylan Boarolo, born in 1993, started playing and producing own music from 2012, with the "IpNoTik project". He had the opportunity to perform for the first time at the Logic in Bologna where he met other young Goa Progressive producers and began journey as Dj / Producer playing over the years in a big part of north-east Italy. In his career he has been part of several musical movements: K-Tribe, where he played in several italian parties. He took part in the most important Italian festivals of Psytrance like Wao Festival and the Sonica Festival, and was inspired by the psychedelic way of psytrance, which led him to change his style, while maintaining the soul of his music. Giordano De Iasio, born in 1992, has started producing Progressive Trance since 2010, with the name of "Jordoz". He played for the first time in 2013 in Italy, and from there began a career that soon led him to found Brainstorm with his colleague Bizz0, a Goa Progressive project. In the meantime he joins K-Tribe with whom he organizes some events and plays his own live. Precisely in K-Tribe he collaborates more frequently with Dylan, with whom he often plays at the parties they organize. During these years his tastes change as his style. Intrigued and fascinated by Progressive Psytrance style he creates a new solo project "Timelex", which released music on Infinity Tunes Records and GhostLabel Records. Always looking to perfect the technique and style, he decided to join forces and passion for music with Dylan, and a new challenge in his career happened. For more than a year and a half they worked tirelessly in search of new sounds that could give the right vibrations to their music, and reflect their styles. The result is a swinging Psy Progressive Trance, with dark tones and biting sounds that seem to bring the mind into an infinite story. At the start of 2019 SINAPTIKA enjoy MAGMA artists team and their debut EP "Mystical Resonance" got a awesome success entering on Top10 chart on Beatport store! ...More new music coming soon, get ready to follow them stay tuned!!!


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