Sinaptika - Mystical Resonance

  • 01. Sinaptika - Mystical Resonance
  • 02. Sinaptika - Spiritual Awakening

Magma Records is proud to present you the SINAPTIKA debut ep. Fantastic emerging duo from northern Italy with great talent and refined musical taste. After several years dedicated to producing music in search of their style, they are ready to surprise you with their innovative Psychedelic Prog sounds. Energetic basslines and tribal atmospheres combined with new aggressive melodies and synths, with some nuances Goa old school their winning formula. Their sound will excite you, dance and entertain you, close your eyes and fly with your mind in Trance! "Solar vibrations" is a psy progressive sound with agressive bassline on power kick and psychedelic elements, specially for the morning times on dancefloor. Best quality sound make you can fly in front of the sun ....Enjoy the moment, dont miss it !

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