REFLEX is a Progressive Psytrance project by the Italian talented artist Lorenzo Ramponi. Since little boy he loved music, and growing up has become a real passion that led him to know the Psytrance music. In 2011 he began studying the first software to create music and a few years later in 2014, he meet Elia aka SHYISMA, who stimulated and helped to his productions development, to pursue a producer career. In 2015 he joins MAGMA Records family, where he releasing his debut EP "Experiences in the world of visions" (early of 2016). In the past years he published various tracks on compilations and some EP's on MAGMA Records, which was very much appreciated and has climbed the top charts sales rank of the digital stores. In 2019 he released (still fresh on the stores) the new EP called "Feeling The Soul", and many more "music bombs" still is cooking by him. His sound is constantly changing on Progressive and Psytrance tasty styles, eye for detail and refined in sound research ... More news about him to follow !!!


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