Neutro is the Progressive Psytrance project by the young talent Stefano Landi. He began his musical passion as a DJ in 2012, began playing at parties under "ICELAND" name, alternating progressive trance performances to others chill-out and downtempo. Soon his aspirations leads him to start produce own music. Thanks to support from his friend SHYISMA he refined his technique and musical orientation on his own style. In 2016 Stefano finnaly joins MAGMA Rec where release first track "Temptation" inside the compilation "New Prog Order Vol. 2". In the past years he released some EP's and tracks in various compilations on label. In 2019 he released an EP with a powerful and engaging sounds "Solar Vibrations" . Neutro preparing many new music that will amaze you with new psychedelic vibrations ....Stay tuned !!!


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