Multifect is the Progressive Psytrance project created by Nicholas Neill from Cape Town (South Africa). His first encounter with Psychedelic Trance music began in 2005 at a festival in own city. He has a strong connection to music and decided to pursue a career creating his own music. In 2010 he graduated Audio Engineering at Cape Audio College . During his studies, he started to produce his own Psytrance music, and over the years his musical style began to take form. He's always searching to create his own original sound that has a way of telling his story. Nicholas has played at many clubs in Cape Town, his debut live set was at {psy.ology} outdoor festival in 2016. He released his first EP under is old project "Zenith" with {psy.ology} Records on 2016, that was released also with Nano Records in a VA compilation. His musical journey has been a relentless exploration to create a unique emotional sound, a distinctive psychedelic expedition that envelopes the dancefloor and everyone on it. Now he evolving on "Multifect" project, he working hard in the studio crafting new Progressive Psytrance sound. This year he joined MAGMA Records Team, and soon will be release his debut EP on label , Nicholas is ready to blast the dancefloors with his fresh new sound and already booked to play at Vortex Phoenix Festival 2019. Follow and support his talent !!!


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