Quinten Van Katwijk aka MISTERIUS started playing music at 11 years old, starting DJ act playing vinyls. Not much later he meet someone who had the same interest and they started to mix music together and play at some local clubs house minimal techno style. In the summer of 2010, at 21 years old, he was invited at the event �Shut up and dance� where he had his first psychedelic experiences, and that change his life, look at things differently and keep music as the main core in his life. He decided to play and start organize parties at the local venue where he worked and by that time he had his first gig in the psytrance scene. He has developed himself from playing with vinyl, switching to CD�s and eventually only using digital music. MISTERIUS played in a lot of parties and even hosted a few of them around Europe helping out other organisations with their parties and festivals as well. While travelling through the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, he met a lot of people and his network grow and grow. One of the most important festivals he helped organise is PRT, a private festival in Germany wich he is still a part of, but also at PSY FI Festival (Holland), Burning man (Holland 2016 edition) he had a great experiences. Right now he still a travelling DJ who is always willing to help others in any way he can. Music is the most important thing in his life and that will never change ! Actually MISTERIUS enjoy MAGMA artist Team as Dj act and promoter around Europe..... Keep an eye for new updates and stay connected! Namaste


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