Gryphon-X (Russell Pike) from Cape Town has been entrenched in Electronic Music many years ago. From dancing the weekends away to the melodic sounds of Uplifting Hard Trance being played in the underground �Rave� scene of the Mid 1990�s, to spinning the Melodic Uplifting Daytime Psytrance and Progressive Sounds that we hear from Gryphon-X today. Eventually being able to purchase himself a set of basic Stanton Vinyl Turntables in 2002, he borrowed old Hard Dance tracks from a friend and begun teaching himself to beat match. One day he decided to do a demo tape and handed it to a club dj, this was to be the start of things to come. Landing a residency at a monthly Hard Trance event he began working on his then brand named "Russtec". The tougher progressive sounds were also something that peaked a lot of interest in what he was now beginning to study and dig deeper into. In 2015 it was time to rebrand from the once known alias of "Russtec" to the now growing brand of "Gryphon-X" and start building himself within the very well established Psytrance scene in Cape Town South Africa. In 2017 he founded with friend Djane Edy the page called "Psychedelic Saturdays" where they help other dj�s and producers across the globe gain exposure through their page that offers a platform to them for performing live video sets every Saturday. The page has grown to around 15k followers in about 18 months and has given around 100 artists the chance to show the world what they can do, some even landing label signings because of their exposure on this page. In 2018 Russel joined to MAGMA Records Label and has been the season where Gryphon-X has begun his outdoor event journey, playing at both Summer Camp events, EarthDance and both Vortex Events. 2019 promises to be a year containing the next chapter in this life long journey and having such a good relationship with MAGMA Records, this journey can and will grow year by year.


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