Petros Georgiadis aka Geo-G from Thessaloniki was born in 1980, the first contact with psychedelic music at very young age, at 1998 starting attending to psytrance parties, fast addicting to this kind of music and way of life. In 2003 he begans to play music on small and private parties with friends. On 2007 he joins to Midiradio (Greece) and starts to play at bigger festivals and parties all over Greece and Europe like Samsara Fest (Hungary) Aymon Fest (Bulgaria) River Flow Fest (Greece) PLUR Fest (Greece) and many many more. After 7 years becomes member of TribalismoRadio as resident (weekly live Dj Set), in half of 2019 he joins the Italian label MAGMA Records. In last months Petran started with his friend also produce music (duo project). His love for music makes him being creative and his sets always are full of energy and power .Geo-G will definitely makes you nice suprised on dance floor...!!!


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