ELECTROSTATIC is a fresh Psytrance project by Nicholas Mazzanti, more known as Dj Nicholas, owner and manager of MAGMA Records. He started his Dj carrier in 1992 at 18 age, making experiences on House music and playing at biggest clubs in Italy. In 1996 he discovered GOA Trance music and it definitely changed his life and music style. After a few years playing around parties and maked experiences organizing some historical party in own country, he decided to open MAGMA Records Label (2001) and also started music production projects too under the name "FLASHBACK" and "MAGNETICWAVE". Some years later Nicholas focused more on managment Label Artists around the world and on his performances as Dj. In 2017 he restarted make music production again and created a Progressive Psytrance duo project called "MIRAGE" with his friend Fabio Buonafede, and after a year the new solo project "ELECTROSTATIC" borned. In this same year he released a debut track on MAGMA, inside the compilation "Power of Love" compiled by him as Dj Nicholas & Djane Edy, which has receiving good feedback. Actually now he is preparing the debut EP and few collab tracks with other MAGMA Artists ... Stay tuned, more following soon about him!


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